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What Makes Butte, Montana A Great Place To Live

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Despite being a small city in Montana, Butte has a strong sense of place and culture that focuses on the importance of environmental and community advancement. From its initial era as a mining camp to the surge of the Copper Kings and the emergence of the labor movement, down to the decline of mining and industrialization, and through a presence branded by an urban and environmental renaissance.

Butte's extractive industry and extensive history are not the only factors that make the city special. The historically recognized "Richest Hill on Earth" offers residence a doorway to picturesque mountain views, acres of unspoiled wilderness, quality schools, affordable living, and an exceptional quality of life. Here are the reasons why Butte, Montana is a great place to live, play, and work.

Culture and Arts

Butte houses a budding community of cultural ambassadors and diverse artists passionately reimagining and revitalizing the traditions of the town's historically varied community. From cultural celebrations and festivals to theatrical performances and live music, Butte offers numerous cultural and arts opportunities for both residents and tourists.

The cultural district of the city hosts a weekly farmer's market, nightly entertainment and music, and a monthly art walk. In addition to that, Butte is a home to some of the world popular and historically significant museums including the World Museum of Mining, the Mineral Museum, and the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives. Other popular arts and cultural establishments include the Carle Gallery, Mother Lode Theater, The Clark Chateau, and the Main Stope Gallery.


One of the most valuable assets of the community, the university, impacts not only the Butte community but the whole state of Montana. Consistently been acknowledge as a lead for return of investment and a top-tier university, Montana Tech continues to paved the way in upgrading the educational opportunities for the city.

Highland College provides customized training, certificate programs, and associates degree to the Greater Butte Region. Degrees aimed to help students earn credits for a 4-year degree program or enter the workforce early. Other notable educational facilities in Butte include Butte School District No. 1, Butte Central Catholic School, and the Silver Bow Montessori School. Butte serves quality education, exceptional service, and dedicated school and university staff and faculty.

Economy and Business

With a diverse and well-educated workforce, a great location for commerce, and a top engineering college, Butte covers all things that businesses need to prosper. The city thrives to develop and connect individuals which engage the locals in the community via support, service, and discussion.

Butte is also ranked as one of the country's top locations for entrepreneurial activity and houses several major operations and corporate headquarters including Montana Resources, Pioneer Technical, REC Silicon, Harrington Bottling Company, Montana Precision Products, and Northwest Energy. As the economy continues to expand and grow, companies provide a wide range of opportunities and competitive salaries for their employees.

Outdoors and Recreations

Surrounded by the headwater streams of Montana and the Continental Divide's natural wonders, Butte offers endless fun and activities for all ages. Experience the natural vistas of Montana on a bike, saddle, or foot from the multiple uncrowded trails surrounding Butte. The Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness offers horseback riding and primitive hiking. Other trails in Butte include the Greenway Trail, Maud S Canyon Trail, and the Big Butte.

Cooldown and play at Stodden Park, Ridge Waters Community Pool, and Clark's Park. Butte features numerous ice rinks, baseball fields, and tennis courts. Along with recreation, the town provides a perspective into the colorful geology and history of Butte. Take a hillside stroll through the Mountain Con Park's mine workings and enjoy the unmatched scenery of the Summit Valley. Butte also holds free festivals throughout the season such as the Serb Fest, Snoflinga, Freedom Festival, and the Montana Folk Festival.

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